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Enzyklopädien der Kunst
Enzyklopädische Wörterbücher
Es kocht Mexikaner und den Inter
Geschichte von México
Landwirtschafts- und Viehranch
Manualidades und Creatividad
Natürliche und Alternativmedizin
Persönliche Überwindung
Programmatische Fortschritte
Techniken von Verkäufen
Technische Wörterbücher
Thematische Enzyklopädien
Tänze von México
Ästhetisch und Schönheit
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Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns
  1. For PUBLISHING ROYCE, all the clients are important and we will take care of the orders in strict order of arrival. The books that are available for immediate shipment will be dispatched more taking the following working day to the confirmation of the payment (copy-fax of the national or international consigment). For the subject titles to import the term of shipment depends on the selected modality of transport: The delivery of the book is subject to the availability in the warehouses of our suppliers. Once the order is dispatched, the definitive delivery to the client depends on the destiny:

  2. For the Mexico City and its Metropolitan area, the delivery can on the following day be the same day or:

    · For the interior of the Mexican Republic, previous confirmation of its deposit is sent on the following day and the load depends than it also weighs inquires to him for his reimbursement.

    · For the United States of America and rest of the world it is sent to him on the following day if it does not require import petition.

  3. Expenses of shipment for all the Mexican Republic $ 220,00 and clients of the cotizemos foreigner will have to wait for that him, to be able to indicate the total cost to them.

    The shipments for the Mexican Republic are realised to traverse FedEx, Estafeta or ENVÍA and its arrival depends exclusively on the transporting company.


    And for clients of the foreigner the shipments are realised through FedEx, UPS or DHL, their arrival depends exclusively on the transporting company.

    FedExUPS DHL

  4. Guarantees of BOOKS, all the books are given in good state. Despite sometimes defects of binding and impression can be presented/displayed; in such PUBLISHING cases ROYCE it guarantees the change of the product by another equal within treintas days following to the date of purchase, previous communication to our offices, if no longer there were the same title will be by one similar in the same price, if the client chose by one of greater price, is commited to cover the difference.

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